Interim Executive Director

Dr. Lilian C. Garcia, CESO V
Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the NFRDI, I am constantly pleased with the Institute’s resolute determination to strive for excellence. As we take small progressive steps towards progress through our Research and Development efforts, I have always envisioned the significance of having a workable platform to convey these important products of our efforts to a wider audience. 

Our Institute have continued to improve our services through research, development and extension services as mandated by law. The major highlights of these R&D efforts are the  programs focused  on the priority commodities identified by the fisheries sector such as Tuna, Small Pelagics, Indigenous Species, High Valued Species, Tilapia, Bangus, Shrimps, Seaweeds, Cepalopods, Crabs, Shellfish and Sea Cucumber.

The new realities of Fisheries require a determined and a bold vision for excellence in research and development. We are very much committed in giving service to the various fisheries sector and to the Filipino people.

Through this website, we wish to reach out and give back the cooperation and support continuously given by the public to the Institute.