NFRDI implements MaRIDeP under production and post-production stage of the value-chain. It focuses on aquaculture and optimal use of mariculture parks to boost local fish food production including marine cages in offshore areas, integration of multi-trophic production technologies, modernization and digitization support systems of identified mariculture zones. Among the R&D innovations to be pursued include utilizing Internet-Of-Things (IOT) and artificial intelligence to modernize the aquaculture industry.

MaRIDeP aims to enhance and maintain local fabrication and mechanization to minimize or eradicate waste and underutilization of resources, while increasing climate resilience. The objective is to support the blue economy in the agricultural and fisheries food systems. Among
the R&D initiatives include implementing zero-waste systems, utilizing bycatch and discards for product development or value-adding, such as organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides, and exploring recent advances in food engineering.

For the postharvest subsector, the focus will be on scientifically identifying sources of inefficiencies and losses along the supply and value-chain, from handling to transportation, market, and distribution. Intervention areas will then be targeted based on the findings.