MFRDC came into existence through the Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) 029 series of 2001 and was formerly known as the National Center in Mariculture Research and Development.

Situated in Guian, Eastern Samar, MFRDC has 1.6 ha land and 25 ha water area rearing and studying grouper, milkfish, blue swimming crabs, sea cucumber, scallops and spiny lobster. The land area is shared with the BFAR-Guiuan Marine Fisheries Development Center (BFAR-GMFDC) particularly, the Fish Health Laboratory and Environmental Monitoring Unit, Seaweed Tissue Culture, and Phycology Laboratory.

The Center pioneers research and development on the hatchery of Portunus pelagicus as well as on its soft-shell production. Several technology verifications and optimizations have been conducted on the protocols for sea cucumber, blue crab, and scallop. It has also assessed and studied the reproductive biology of Asian moon and flat-ribbed scallops, and spiny lobsters.

MFRDC is collaborating with BFAR and SEAFDEC on several projects including the aquafeed development for milkfish, resource assessment and technology verification on hatchery and nursery rearing of mangrove crab, and technology promotion on milkfish fingerling production in ponds and cages.

Technical Services:

  • Research consultancy to clients on various marine fishery commodities including milkfish, sea cucumber, grouper, spider conch, spiny lobster, blue swimming crab, mangrove crab, abalone, and scallops 
  • Provision of lectures and resource speakers on marine commodity training for fisherfolk, aquafarm operators, students, and agribusiness owners
  • Serve as referee in peer review process of journals for scientific publications
  • Technical services in the conduct of aquaculture production and extension activities
  • Collaborate with other institutions in conducting research on marine fisheries by providing technical expertise
  • Provide policy recommendations on conservation and management of important marine species

Contact Details
Chief: Nonita S. Cabacaba
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Contact Number: 0917-7151255
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