Bid Reference No. 2019-009 ASTURIAS

Lease of Venue including Food Provision and Accommodation for the Conduct of the TWG Meetings, Training and Consultation Meetings under SMARTSeas PH Project in Palawan

Bid Reference No. 2019-008

Supply and Installation of Customized Laboratory Cabinets, Tables, Drawers, Chairs/Stools, Glass Doors, Canopies Ducting with Motor Blowers

Bid Reference No. 2019-007

Supply of Laboratory Services for Heavy Metals and Hydrogen Sulphide Analysis in Fishery Resources, Seawater and Sediments

Invitation to Bid 2019-03

Supply and Delivery of Electron Capture Detector for Gas Chromatography with 1 unit of ECD Controller and Oxygen Trap (Shimadzu GC-2010)