As the need arise to set directions for fisheries research and development, the Governing Board has instructed the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute to focus on commodity-based research, prioritized the commodities and devise R&D roadmaps.

The basic framework of the roadmap includes the identification of core competencies, the availability of resources, possible R&D activities, technologies to be developed/ improved, product information and the market.

Other considerations in the formulation of the Roadmaps includes the four R&D objectives of NFRDI pursuant to Sec. 84, RA 8550, DA and BFAR’s thrusts and Programs, strenthening socio-economic researches and GAD integration in fisheries R&D.

The programs and projects of NFRDI were previously conceptualized based on the Roadmaps focusing on the priority commodities namely; Tuna, Small Pelagics, Indigenous Species, High Valued Species, Tilapia, Bangus, Shrimps, Seaweeds, Cepalopods, Crabs, Shellfish and Sea Cucumber.

The Institute is presently mainstreaming its R&D Efforts based on BFAR’s priority thrust and the Philippine Development Plan.