The Students’ Training Support (STrainS) Program is an immersion, on-the-job training (OJT) or internship program designed for high school (junior and senior) and college (undergraduate and graduate) students in the Philippines seeking training at the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI). It aims to provide real-life work learning experience to help them transition from students to professionals.

Immersion/OJT/Internship Schedule

The program is available in two cycles every year. However, student acceptance depends on the mentors’ request and availability. Table below shows the cycle and application period.

CycleImmersion /OJT/ Internship 
Application Period
1January – JuneNovember 1 – December 1
2July – DecemberMay 1 – June 1

Course Program

Table below shows the priority agenda of different divisions and centers of DA-NFRDI. Applicants may apply to the office whose function best suit their career goals and interests.

Aquaculture Research and Development Division
Quezon City
Conduct researches on aquaculture including breeding, feed and nutrition, aquatic animal health, farming systems and engineering, and aquaculture technology business incubation.
Capture Fisheries Research and Development Division
Quezon City
Conduct researches on capture fisheries including the ecological and economic studies on fishery resources, and the impacts of fishing methods and gears in inland ecosystems, coastal and distant waters, including the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
Fisheries Postharvest Research and Development Division
Quezon City
Conduct researches on postharvest and marketing, including fish handling and processing, product development, seafood safety and quality, trade of fish products, and postharvest technology business incubation.
Planning, Policy and Information Division
Quezon City
Formulate, monitor and evaluate the periodic plans and programs, policy agenda and information system; and develop strategic and operational plans, and policy recommendation standards and guidelines.
Freshwater Fisheries Research and Development Center
Butong, Taal, Batangas
Conduct research development and extension services in freshwater fisheries, including fisheries resources stock assessment study within the jurisdiction of the Fishery Managed Areas 1, 5, 6, and 12.
Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center
Sto. Niño, Guiuan, Eastern Samar
Conduct research, development and extension on marine water fisheries, including fishery resources stock assessment study within the jurisdiction of the Fishery Managed Areas 7, 8, 10, and 11.
Brackishwater Fisheries Research and Development Center
Lala, Lanao del Norte

Conduct researches, development and extension services on brackishwater fisheries, including fisheriy resources stock assessment study within the jurisdiction of the Fishery Managed Areas 2, 3, 4, and 9.
Fisheries Biotechnology Center
Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Conduct fundamental, innovative, and cutting-edge research for development (R4D) studies using advanced tools of biotechnology and technology transfer and commercialization of fishery biotech products.
Integrated Research Laboratory
Quezon City
Conduct laboratory analysis of NFRDI research and development studies through chemical, biological, and molecular testing; and facilitate the procurement, transportation, usage, and disposal of controlled chemicals vis-à-vis securing permits and licenses from regulatory agencies.
Genetic Fingerprinting Laboratory
Quezon City
Render DNA-based identification of confiscated, regulated, endangered, near-threatened, prohibited species in early developmental stage, processed fish samples as well as endemic aquatic species in both freshwater and marine including those that are exported or traded. This service can be availed of for free by BFAR Central Office, BFAR Regional Offices, Law Enforcement Agencies, and other Government Agencies concerning fisheries.
Training Division
Quezon City
Develop and conduct capacity-building and training programs in fisheries for the Institute’s internal and external stakeholders; and produce IECs for multimedia use, integral for science-based decision-making, and technology promotion, and use.
Finance and Administrative Division
Quezon City
Undertake administrative and financial functions, including management of human resource, property, general services, records, cash management, budgetary, and accounting.

Application Process

Requirements must be submitted in one application packet at: from November 1 – December 1 for Cycle 1; and May 1 – June 1 for Cycle 2. Only the complete application packet will be processed.


The following are the expected content of an application packet:

  1. Endorsement letter signed by school head addressed to NFRDI Executive Director (
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Certificate of good moral character
  4. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal (for Graduate Students)

The waiver ( and medical certificate of the student and Memorandum of Agreement between requesting school and NFRDI will be required once the application is accepted. 

Selection Process

Application documents will be forwarded to the division/center specified in the application form by the NFRDI OJT/Internship coordinator. The division/center may make a verbal offer to an applicant. However, the offer is not “official” until an applicant receives a written notice from the NFRDI coordinator.


The applicant shall receive written notification from the NFRDI coordinator indicating the duration of his/her training program and attendance to mandatory orientation.

Feedback Mechanism

To further improve the implementation of the DA-NFRDI STrainS Program, the trainee/intern must evaluate the technical assistance received from the NFRDI prior to the issuance of their certificate of completion.

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