The first-ever Online or Virtual Training-Workshop on Video and Audio Production for DA-NFRDI staff was successfully concluded last June 15.

The 23 participants from the different divisions and stations/centers of NFRDI lauded the Training Division (TD) and the resource speaker, Mr. Louie D. Amongo, for providing them with the needed knowledge and skills that are necessary in video and audio materials production. The TD, through its Training Section, initiated the conduct of the activity and scouted for a resource person who is a multimedia and development communication specialist from the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

The participants to the Online Training Workshop together with Dr. Mudjekeewis Santos (top row, extreme right), Mr. Francisco Santos (2nd row from top, extreme right) and the resource per-son, Mr. Louie D. Amongo (4th row from top, extreme left)

The participants were amazed that a highly technical topic on communications technology can be effectively shared through an online platform. The effectiveness of the platform was demonstrated in the high percentage score of 88% garnered by the participants in the final diagnostic test given by Mr. Amongo and in their group output — an audio-visual (AV) production.

DA-NFRDI conceptualized the training-workshop out of the need to equip and prepare its staff in the ‘new normal’ of providing Virtual Trainings to its stakeholders. From the “brick” form or face-to-face training modality, NFRDI will be offering virtual trainings on fisheries-related topics that are results of the agency’s research endeavors. Topics in the training-workshop included: Key Concepts in AV production, Script Development, Video/ Smartphone Camera Operation, Operation of the AV editor, and Putting Materials All Together through various roles as scriptwriter, researcher, production assistant, videographer, director and AV editor. During the training-workshop, each participant was provided with a free and licensed software to use in video and audio editing. Operation of the software was thoroughly explained by Mr. Amongo and it was used by the participants during the workshop to come up with an AV material which they presented on the last day. Aside from the AV editor software, each participant also received digitally signed Certificates of Training Completion. TD staff members Gilda Joanna Calderon and Myrna D. Alonte facilitated/moderated the activity under the guidance of Mr. Francisco F. Santos, Section Chief of the Training Section and Dr. Mudjekeewis D. Santos, OIC-Division Chief of the Training Division. (MDAlonte)