Ten cooperators from Sambal Ilaya and another ten from Wawa Ibaba, Lemery, were awarded material inputs as NFRDI’s partner in its technology promotion project on July 30, 2020. Each cooperator received a set of materials for cage operation, including polyethylene nets, polyethylene rope, bamboo, nylon twine, floaters (containers), and a solar lamp. The awarding was a part of the NFRDI- Freshwater Fisheries Research and Development Center (NFRDI- FFRDC)’s project on “Technology Promotion of Maliputo (Caranx ignobilis)”. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Lilian C. Garcia, Acting Executive Director of NFRDI; Dr. Maria Theresa M. Mutia, Chief Aquaculturist of FFRDC; Ms. Krystine Escosura, BFAR IVA Batangas PFO; Mr. Florentino Valencia, Lemery Municipal Agriculturist; and Mr. Mario Arandia and Ms. Irene Bendicio representatives from Barangay
Sambal Ilaya and Wawa Ibaba, Lemery.

Dr. Lilian C. Garcia, CESO V (in red blouse and white sweater) and Dr. Ma. Theresa M. Mutia (3rd from the right) with fisherfolk beneficiaries of Lemery, Batangas