National Fisheries Research and Development Institute Online Information System

As the need arise to set directions for fisheries research and development, the Governing Board has instructed the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute to focus on commodity-based research, prioritized the commodities and devise R&D roadmaps.

The basic framework of the roadmap includes the identification of core competencies, the availability of resources, possible R&D activities, technologies to be developed/ improved, product information and the market.

Other considerations in the formulation of the Roadmaps includes the four R&D objectives of NFRDI pursuant to Sec. 84, RA 8550, DA and BFAR's thrusts and Programs, strenthening socio-economic researches and GAD integration in fisheries R&D.

The programs and projects of NFRDI were previously conceptualized based on the Roadmaps focusing on the priority commodities namely; Tuna, Small Pelagics, Indigenous Species, High Valued Species, Tilapia, Bangus, Shrimps, Seaweeds, Cepalopods, Crabs, Shellfish and Sea Cucumber.

The Institute is presently mainstreaming its R&D Efforts based on BFAR's priority thrust and the Philippine Development Plan.