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An Ode to A Son (From a child, a man has grown)

By: Pluma
May 02, 2018

On that one fateful November day
When I first heard an innocent cry like no other
A cry that resonated so sweet and lovely
For this day, you have come for us to see.

Those sweet cries breathed a new life
Our son is born and in our lives he arrived
At last I saw you my sweet little baby angel in jest
A picture of hope and everlasting joy to possess.

In my heart, I can never describe the feelings of great pride
My angelic son and her mother looking so gorgeous on my side.
You are one glorious wonder for me to cherish
My best, I give you and be always by your side I promise.

My son, I don't want you to be just like me
Don't get me wrong coz I want you to be
A better version of your simple father
And see you soar above with challenges you easily weather.

You see, no money and wealth for you I can offer
But rather my everlasting love and support so you can prosper
Please continue to be a blessing not only for us, but more so to others
And may you always enjoy the gift of life the good Lord has offered.

There will be challenges and your wisdom tested
Just be yourself and always trust in your aptitude.
And if you need someone to be by your side
Please don't falter, for we are always here to be your guide.

My son, I love you and will always do
Even now that you have your own family to value.
I say I am gratified to see you soar high on your own
That you my son is independent and from a child, a man has grown.


**For Proud Fathers