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You are My Greatest Treasure

by: Pluma
April 02, 2018

I will never trade the feelings of having you around;
Will never even trade the glitches there so abound.
The tenderness I felt with your unique fragrant smell;
I know, for me you are heaven sent.

I wonder why they say the world is round;
Coz for me it is heart-shaped, with you around.
And with you, I feel I am at my very best;
Coz you complete me and made me stand to the test.

Please pardon me at times for being so insensitive;
But don’t you worry, this behavior is just short-lived.
For I know no matter how I may be incomplete;
My love for you will always be replete.

In our many times together;
Terrible decisions we have made.
It never broke our spirits and genuine amity;
As we embrace those challenges with infallible audacity.

Surely I will never ever find anyone better than you;
Finding another, that definitely i will never do;
Someone who brings out the best of me in this life's journey;
With you I found that dazzling elusive destiny.

Surely, there is nothing more noteworthy;
Than the blessings of a naturally wonderful intimacy.
For you're the gift that glitters more than gold;
And sparkles more even the most expensive diamond.

Wonder no more why I chose you;
Though you may not be perfect, it’s true.
The Lord led me to you and so I beg;
To never leave my side my dear compassionate beloved.

You are and will always be my greatest treasure;
The strongest of the gushing storms I will valiantly endure.
Just to be always with you I will boldly fight the fiercest battle;
Coz you for me, is worth dying for.


** Dedicated to all the husbands and wives.